Catriona Gray Miss Universe Beauty Pageant Winner

Beauty Pageant – A Humorous Speech

In life, we all crave for success. In the Philippines, there are three known victories. First, when Manny Pacquiao wins a fight. Second, when you get elected as President but even bigger than that, when you win in a prestigious beauty pageant such as Miss Universe. From the country that might be renamed Maharlika, land of countless typhoons, and unlimited rice, I am no other than beauty pageant veteran Miss Universe Catriona Brown.

Rebel Mermaid Blog: Tropical As F*ck

Rebel Mermaid Blog Goals for 3rd Quarter

I have missed posting entries for June and July. I have fallen back into the pit of procrastination but I crafted three new goals for this website.

Ride The Tides

It felt like a flashback from when I first arrived at the island in 2016, a total wreck who lost her job with a failing relationship that wanted nothing but to escape reality. Nothing was going right.