Little Champions, Big Victories

Out of the 400 kids currently under our training program, 23 kids under 15 were chosen to create 2 teams: 1 male and 1 female.

It was afternoon of February 20th when we met-up with the kids to start our journey. A lot of them were excited, they have never travelled out of their city.

Life is A Bowl of Cherries

Life is a bowl of cherries. Not everything in life is good but it is up to you to pick out and throw the bad ones.

Summer Dream

Radiant smile so enthralling Beguiling eyes like turquoise water With thoughts denser than the Amazon Embraces as warm as ocean zephyr Saccharine mango kisses ever addicting Vivid sunbeams taking dark clouds overhead Alluring oasis so promising You plague my thoughts Oh summer dream!

Birthday Post: Life Can Only Get Better at 28

Crazy how years pass by so easily, today I turned 28. I normally avoid celebrating my birthday but my mom keeps on reminding me to. She says that it is a blessing, a special day worth enjoying. A couple of days ago, I went back to my hometown visit Lake Danao, though I originally planned on…