Find Your World


I chanced upon this video while I was travelling around the worldwide web, feeding my insatiable thirst for new articles. This video spoke to me because I have always shared the same belief, to not stick to one thing.

Maybe I just have commitment issues or have this Peter Pan complex that always needs to live like a kid seeing a candy store for the first time.

Being a science geek I’d like to think that life is one big science experiment and everyday is a chance to try new things. It is too short to stick to what is safe. Imagine eating the same meal thrice a day for a month?

Life is all about the risks and adventures. If you never try, you never fail or win. Nothing could be worse than a life of what ifs. Do things that scare the hell out of your soul. Take my challenge. Go out and find your world.

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  1. eLPy says:

    Cool video. I like the idea of the Discover Project, even if I don’t have amnesia discovering myself is a journey I’m still on. So don’t worry you’re not alone in this way at all.

    Good luck with your own discovery. Maybe the forthcoming Writing 101 assignments/projects will help you (and myself) in these discoveries. 😉


    1. Thank you! Everyday is a new discovery and the free write is a good start for Writing 101.

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