Setting Sun : Hellos and Goodbyes

Magical display of nature’s beauty.

Romantic hues that stretch across the horizons.

Fading warmth.

Flickering radiance.

Everything seems to end with the setting of the sun.

There is something captivating as it reminds us of another day ending.

We like to stop it and extend our days.

Yet we long for it when we grow weary.

Sometimes, we keep on chasing on endings,

Fearing beginnings.

We shut our eyes.

Scared of the blinding lights the sunrise brings.

We cannot hide from it.

Goodbyes are meant to be embraced just like the passing of each season.

Sunset at Biliran



Author: Rebel Mermaid

Geeky, techie and non-conforming Filipina digital nomad in mermaid costume who loves geeky stuff, sustainable adventures and community empowerment.

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