Stop Being A Soubrette : Be The Lead

Soubrette? What? You probably haven’t heard of this word before, nor did I, up until I came across while reading an online dictionary (one of my geeky diversions). If you know this term then you probably part of the cultured class that appreciates and enjoys theatres and operas.

Soubrette according to Merriam-Webster is a coquettish maid or frivolous young woman in comedies. Although this word is uncommon, it is a usual role that most of us play daily.


Take a moment now and try to see what role you are playing in your own life. Sometimes we get stuck in a support role although we are the script writer and director. It could be because the world is feeding us with a lot of negativism. We get sucked right into a black hole and think we are victims. Either that or we try to avoid the responsibility which is having full control of our life’s script. We get stuck and live like puppets living on strings that other people control. We blame the world for treating us this way and we forget that it is what we ask the world to treat us as. It is up to us to cut those strings.

If what I said just do not make sense, watch Les Brown’s video on getting unstuck:

Stop being a soubrette, you are the lead. Act like one!

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0 thoughts on “Stop Being A Soubrette : Be The Lead”

  1. Great message. It’s too easy sometimes to fall into the role of the soubrette – oh and that word’s new to me too 😉 – and not even recognize it until it’s too late. But we do need to play the lead and take the power into our own hands. Thanks for an empowering message. 🙂

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