The Soundtracks to My Life

There is always something magical about music. For every influx of emotion we experience there is always a song that best describes how we feel. The melody and words that goes with each one connects to our soul. We might speak different languages but we share similar love for songs. I am a music lover that appreciates a lot of genres but I tend to prefer Indie/Alternative Rock when I am pensive, Electronic when I want to dance and Pop when I am perky. I have not really thought about songs that mattered to me up until this daily prompt came up. In my country, almost everyone sings and even kids know lyrics to songs that existed way before they did. Every morning, you will never miss on a love song. Filipinos love listening, singing and dancing to love songs, admittedly we are a bunch of romantics. When it comes to song I not only listen to the melody, I even put more emphasis on lyrics. Among all the songs I know, here are the top 3 songs that came into my mind (stuck in my mind longest).

1. Lenka – The Show

 The Show is my life story. Eventhough I am 28, I still feel like a little girl (or maybe I just refuse to grow up) and so I find myself going through the maze of life and trying to figure out love. I push myself to be uncomfortable and try to live by the philosopy : Be Brave. There were a lot of times when my bravery was tested. I am quite lucky that I have an allergy to cowardice and giving up. I have been quite persistent with life despite all the challenges that it has thrown at me. Life should not be taken so seriously, it should be enjoyed like a good show.

2. Daft Punk- One More Time

If Peter Quill of Guardians in the Galaxy had Hooked On A Feeling, then One More Time is my never fail go to song that transcends me into elation. Each time I hear this I end up either tapping my foot or bobbing my head. A reminder to never get tired of celebrating life. To dance like nobody is watching and to keep doing it. Let’s celebrate! One more time!

3. Kid Cudi -Pursuit of Happiness

Are you happy at the moment? If not, when would you want to start being happy? No one in the world who would want to be unhappy. The choices are influenced by our perception of what is happiness. A song that speaks of not caring about other’s definition, not living up to someone else’s expectation.

Our world cannot just be rainbow filled, there are moments when we are tested on how happy we are with ourselves. For most it is the biggest and hardest struggle. We try to do things to escape who we are or to deny who we can be. Spending money on things that fade, putting meaningful relationships on hold for something temporary. We fall into a pit of self-destruction thinking that what we feel is the real sense of happiness. Trading a lifetime of pain for a moment’s pleasure.

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” and if you think about it the reason why most of us choose to continue living is we have tasted happiness. It is just a matter of holding onto it when times get tough. Do not lose sight of the big picture. Do not die without pursuing your own happiness.

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  1. Awesomeness! I never heard of Lenka…so I got to check that out!
    Ummm Daft Punk?! Heck Yeah! And Kid Cudi’s transparency always makes him shine!

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