Writing101 : The Free Write

To write whatever comes to mind, no pretentions, no boundaries, no edits. Punctuations, grammar and spelling do not matter at all. To let the words flow from the heart. To speak carelessly and just be here and now. Whatever comes is written. Logic can sometimes be limiting. There are things beyond order, a beautiful chaos yet to unravel. Nothing superfluous. Simplicity at its core. Words are simple just how everything should be. In a world where everyone thinks too much, this is an escape. A rebellion from planning. An embrace to the present abyss of thoughts where nothingness and everything are neighbours. So I just continue travelling with my fingers where letters are sent from the mind to cyberspace, in hopes of finding what was lost and of what is scared. To release the trapped writer in me who is waiting to break free, to experience autonomy. Drifting into several thoughts. From summer to life’s uncertainty, trying to unburdened myself from worry. I have lived too much in the past and been unforgiving to reward myself of a happier future. Chained and bound by skeletons and mistakes. I need to give myself a break and embrace the human in me. To relive those days when I wrote everything in my diary. Paragraphs of happiness and sentences of grief and apathy where I realised how I loved writing. How I discovered that I had power with words and how I will never be invisible because I have found my voice. To be able to transform mere mental imagery into something that can be grasped. Words that bring the life out of me. Meanings that can differ just like the seasons and time. What I have written have remained to be vivid memoirs. It takes you back to who you were and forever immortalises the past self. I dream of one day finding the real voice that has been hidden. Oppressed by judgement and kept from prejudices. The fear of not being understood well should not matter at all. I write nothing less and nothing more. What I type is the first thing on my mind. I do not know how long but I know I will keep writing on. The 20 minutes given is passing with every letter that I press on the keyboard. What will happen after this does not matter. The goal is just to write as freely as a bird. To soar greater heights in finding words for silence. Music in my earphones, ping-pong balls bouncing back and forth and knife chopping through ingredients. The office where chaos is a daily trial. To keep the mind focused on what is and what is not. To rank on things that matter. To make a small change in the world. Even an empty mind has something hidden, nothingness is just a façade of what is unseen. My heart is empty and apathetic from the past disappointments and I try to revive what was lost. The zest in life, I now try to hold. Words bring life and death to the world. A kind greeting brings a smile to a stranger while a terrible remark could kill a person with a dream. One’s freedom is limited and it is always next to someone else’s. We write on. I am halfway to the time needed and now I am noticing an ant walking around my keyboard. How I feel like him sometimes, so small, struggling to find the right place for me. My pen remains untouched and several tasks left undone. There are tons of things to do but I am here writing. I do not know why I do this now. Free the mind. How I tend to drown in other’s voices. I guess I am tired of listening to them. Telling me to do this and that. Following somebody’s wishes for love. Giving up on things that matter for a false sense of safety that turned like debauchery. Who am I know? What will happen when this year ends. No one knows and it should not matter. For as long as you live you just do things. You could be right or wrong. Mistakes are for growth. Whatever that comes should be embraced. The glow from the sun makes me think how it feels like to be immortal. Brightness and warmth that embraces. A life of eternal summer is what we all wish. A wide spectrum of colours, water ripples, fresh breeze and beautiful sights left and right. Happiness is in what you see and what touches you. I am no longer living in the cave. To embrace the world in all it’s complexity is simplicity in itself. Come what may and yet to guard the heart. It is quite confusing. Finding balance is never as easy as the idea of just standing in the middle of a weighing scale. One has to know what is too little and too much. .

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