Monday Musings: Fall Seven Times and Stand Up Eight

How many times have you hit rock bottom? Have you ever wondered why?

I am probably one of the few people, who earlier in life already went through a series of unfortunate events. End of 2014, when I fell flat on my face (figuratively speaking, though the falling flat on my face really did happen in a busy intersection of Cebu during my university days), I wanted to give up. I figured, I have already fought many times why just not embrace it. My quest for perfection sometimes lead me to mistakes. It could be from wrong priorities. Giving too much of yourself to others and forgetting to take care of yourself. Human error, no one is ever immune from it unless you are AR2D2 but we forget this simple fact and blame ourselves harshly.

Fall seven, stand up eight (damn Japanese philosophy always haunts me each time I think of laying on the floor in self-pity). But that time, I was on the verge of losing hope. Luckily (thanks to FB), I managed to have a heart-to-heart talk with my good friend from college who was already living in Australia. She told me that I had no reason to, that if I made it through the previous misfortunes, I do not have a valid reason for giving up.

There are no guarantees that I will not fall again tomorrow but each time I do, I learn from my fall and stand taller than before. You should too!

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