Monday Musings: Catfished

Everything is virtually possible online, from reading scholarly papers to dating. Connecting to different parts of the world are now almost as fast as the speed of light. This new convenience, however, have left us disconnected with the physical world and vulnerable to an alternate reality. So what is catfished?

Catfish is an American slang that means luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona. This video below is about a lady who was catfished for 12 years. I find it hard to comprehend how it took her that long before she found out the truth but I guess there are professional liars lurking around the worldwide web.

When internet became mainstream in the Philippines, I was still naive. I thought that everyone was honest online. I became a victim to false friendships. I have learned from my mistakes and have grown more of a cynic.

Nowadays, you can easily fake who you are according to what is generally likeable. If you have Tinder, you would understand how most of the photos showcase the best looks (I have a profile photo of a zombie) It has been an avenue for people with insecurities to feel more brave in approaching people and to feel appreciated . Some go as posting private intimate photos and end up destroying themselves. This is just desperate.

Be careful. Do not believe everything online specially when they become too affectionate in such a short time without really showing their real lives offline. Get to know them beyond the internet.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Catfished

  1. Well said. There are many professional liars online. As for your question – the reason it took me so long to find out his real identity, was because the 3 years we ‘online dated’ as a teen, I did not have the resources to travel. After that, he was only a friend and so I did not pursue a meeting as much.


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