Warrior Wednesdays: Always Do Your Best

Be the best, this is a common line that we¬†hear. Perfection is what we want from others, more than what we expect from ourselves. How many times do we notice our faults over the imperfections of others? We like to troll all over the internet searching for people’s mistakes. From how they express themselves to…

Monday Musings: Unlived Lives

What if you could have all the possibilities you want out of life? No more unlived lives. Would living be any better than now?

Monday Musings: Modern Day Slaves

Charles Bukowski was a postal worker in the U.S. post office. He worked in the post office most of his life until Black Sparrow Press publisher John Martin noticed him (a year before his 50th birthday). Martin then offered Buk a monthly stipend of $100 to quit his day job and dedicate himself fully to…

Diving in Camiguin

The second smallest island in the Philippines is more than an island born of fire. Read about my dive trip in Camiguin.

Monday Musings: Rise

Are you in a slump? Tired of going against life’s challenges and the daily routines? Do you want to give up? I am here to remind you of your choice!