Monday Musing : The Harshest Judge

How do you see yourself? When I started with psychology in university, our professor introduced me to the concept of Johari’s window. The window had four divisions each representing a different perspective of oneself. We had to make our version as a way to raise self-awareness.

Last week, a social experiment became viral. It spoke about how we perceive ourselves and our success.

Admittedly, I they asked me to score myself, I would also be like the participants. I am certain I would give myself a failing mark. This is because we tend to be our worst judge. While others see our success, we usually focus on our failures and we compare ourselves with colleagues and the rest.

Do not focus to much on one viewpoint. Remind yourself that there are 3 more views to be seen. Focus on weakness and work to improve it but do not let it imprison you. You are not bound to them, they are only temporary. Give yourself a break and be your number one advocate.


Author: Rebel Mermaid

Geeky, techie and non-conforming Filipina digital nomad in mermaid costume who loves geeky stuff, sustainable adventures and community empowerment.

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