Monday Musings: I am first, not second.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Second place

Second place, who?


Mediocrity knocks on our door when we are in the middle of a long journey towards our dreams. It will tempt you to accept everything without a fight. We get distracted. Like a kid in a candy store, only planning to buy a lollipop at first, then getting lost in the idea of sugar rush. We go through different aisles and taste so many samples that we forget what we were really craving for. At the end of the day, we go home empty and lost.

Cut mediocrity before it seeps right into your blood. Second best is only good if you want to be forgotten.

“I’m not here to tell a joke. I’m here to pick a fight — a fight with second place.”- John Doman


Author: Rebel Mermaid

Geeky, techie and non-conforming Filipina digital nomad in mermaid costume who loves geeky stuff, sustainable adventures and community empowerment.

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