Say Hello to Bright Spots

First off, forgive me with my inconsistent posting as I have been lazy the past weeks. I am trying to win over the procrastinator/perfectionist in me at the moment. Nonetheless, I am excited to be adding another regular weekly post called Bright Spot.


What is a Bright Spot?

a bright spot is a pleasant or successful event or period of time when most other things are unpleasant or not successful (often + in )

How did I end up thinking about Bright Spots?

A year ago, while planning my blog’s editorial calendar, I though of scheduling Sunday to be the day when I post about inspiring people and communities that I have met during my travels but I started writing one. Nowadays, I often see Bright Side and Upworthy in my Facebook feeds daily but what really prompted me to start this were my workmates at Rare were quite influential. I have been told that our organization’s bible is Switch : How To Change Things When Change is Hard, a book written by Chip and Dan Heath that narrates how ordinary people achieve dramatic results. In that book they relentlessly talk about focusing on bright spots and so I decided to highlight the good stuff that is happening despite the negativity going around social media sites about people and the Philippines through my blog. I know I do not have a massive reach yet but hopefully it will reach enough to at least inspire one person.

What to Expect?

Every Saturday, you will be getting new real life stories of people and communities from the Philippines and some abroad that rarely makes it out in the general public but is changing the world in a positive way. Small triumphs that is good for the heart and soul which are noteworthy.


Happy Trails,



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