Why I Write?

I write because I have a lot of things of in my mind.
I write because written words are easy.
I write to free my mind, to connect with people and to find a common ground in this vast space.
I write to free people, to tell that impossible can be done and what is is not what should always be.
I write to have my thoughts travel from my mind to others, hoping that in some way, I am bridging the gap that I am unable to fill during my anti-social moments.
I write to bring people to places they have never been and to think of ideas they have never thought of.
I write because I love words. Words that can change a person’s life. In this cruel world, words of hope are scarce. I want to bring across the small silver linings that go unnoticed and unappreciated.
I write because a lot of people speak daily and only a few are remembered days after.
I write to record my life and those moments that are vital to my existence.
I write just because the act is a form of contributing to what is and what is not.
I write because I think.
I write to challenge my mind and the other people’s mind.
I write because it is easier than speaking.
I write because I am open to judgement.
I write so I can see the journey that my mind has been going through.
I write so that I can remember those thought provoking moments.
I write so I can forget those repetitive mental reminders that disrupt my functioning.
I write because I want to be better at writing.
I write because I want to one day be good enough to publish a book.
I write because words last longer than me.
I write  to not be forgotten.
I write for the love of expression.
I write out of frustration.
I write because I am human enough to crave significance and needy enough to seek connections.
I write because I’m part introvert and sometimes what I think is easier to express through words than to speak out.
I write because it makes me happy.
I write because I can.
I write because I am a lover of words and thoughts.
I write because I am free to do so.
I write to rebel against monotony and predictability.
I write to be heard and to hear.
I write to see and be seen.
I write for the sake of expression and non conformity.
I write to continue the art of writing.
I write to improve my style.
I write to find new and alike minds.
I write to console the hurt.

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