Wayback Wednesday: Thoughts Four Years After Typhoon Haiyan Hit Philippines

I remember the sleepless nights volunteering after Typhoon Haiyan hit. It reminded me when I was 4 y.o. and a strong flashflood destroyed my city killing thousands of people. When will the world leaders learn?

I remember being in Subic training for Miss Scuba International when I heard about the news after it hit Tacloban, I signed up to volunteer and brought all my clothes to Red Cross HQ in Mandaluyong and went on helping out repacking goods.

Days after I saw there were already a good number of volunteers and decided to do more by signing up to be a volunteer marshal at Villamor Airbase where they were doing the evacuation.

Day in and day out we would welcome survivors and try our best to not remind them of the ordeal. There were times we went up against DSWD protocol because we knew that it was for the good of the survivors. We stayed up late and would forego sleep just to be there when they land.

It was a crazy experience. I am no different to such disaster. I was also a survivor of one of the most devastating floods to hit Philipines before Haiyan and I knew how it was to be a victim. Since my ordeal as a 4 year old kid survivor, I have become a staunch advocate for the environment and a vocal protestor about practices that hasten climate change.

I hope the world leaders are reminded of how we are destroying our own existence through unsustainable practices and I hope that the COP 21 Agreement do not remain just in paper .

Many more will suffer if we do not learn from our mistake.



Author: Rebel Mermaid

Geeky, techie and non-conforming Filipina digital nomad in mermaid costume who loves geeky stuff, sustainable adventures and community empowerment.

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