Monday Musings: A Case of Serendipity

There are periods in life where you make a beautiful connection with a stranger or a place, something inexplicable and mundane.

A jolt of the extraordinary that leads you ricocheting from your normal.

A brief moment where you feel invincible and different.

You cruise through days and nights worry free and with unlimited smile.

Everything seems perfect and you feel that the universe is with you.

Until you fall into the abyss of uncertainty and awaken back to reality.

These places and people are just passing by, just like you.

Like flickers of light and shadow over a screen.

You realize that it is but a motion picture.

Everything continues to move through time.

Waking up, you begin to crave for that happenstance.

You find yourself jumping from one cliff to another to collide with someone or some place again.

You seek to recreate the explosion of life you witnessed weeks before.

Just to feel the same exhilaration.

Travel does that to you.

From the first step you take out of the door to the last one as you enter the plane to go back home.

Those journeys are incomparable.

We travel to find ourselves.

We go home to get lost once again in the promises of the past and future.