Why Failing is Fine this 2019

When you hear the word “Failure”, do you cringe?

I am quite proud about my failures enough to regularly post it here and you might enjoy or be boggled why?

I know normal people usually do their best to hide everything (#filter) to give others the best picture of them. Well, failure has played a crucial part in my life.

Okay, I used to try my best to avoid it but I realised that it is what boring people do and I do not want to be like them. Kidding aside, what struck me is that after I failed, I learned and found my way up or at least be a bit better than where I was before the failure. I know all of us have failed at one point in our lives so why do we try to hide it when it is part of human nature?

One of the biggest failure I had was during Binibining Pilipinas. I failed in the talent show in front of a big crowd at a mall in Quezon City! See, I came up with a modern take of the Pandango sa Ilaw and I am no professional dancer. I thought that fake it til I make it would be enough and for a moment it did. During the preliminary selection, I convinced the judges that I knew what I was doing.

Day came for the presentation, it seemed to go quite well until the candle on my head fell. It was a split second when everyone pause and you could hear the crowd gasp.

Ooops!! Dropped the candle…

There are points in our life when you get all the attention and usually it’s for two things: winning and failing. Luckily, I have a quick mind and have always managed to find redemption for each failure.

What did I do? Picked up the candle and did the hush gesture with my finger and continued.

What I learned from this epic fail moment is that the whole time I thought failure would kill me, I realised that it is not as bad as our minds picture it out to be. Did anyone die from me dropping the candle? No, just had a bit of my ego bruised but that’s okay. What happened after was, the crowd were amused at how I dealt with it, even one beauty pageant blogger and former Miss Philippines Universe mentioned this in her recap.

What did I get out of this failure?

I learned to practice more, recognise my limitations and came up with a different routine which I used as talent in Miss SCUBA International 2013 which made me part of the top 5 for talent.

Failure is part of growth and realising weaknesses. It is not that bad as long as you learn and get better. As the cliché says, “There are no failures, just lessons.”

So stand up 2018 might have been a bad year but it is time to gather those lessons learned, dust off the bruised hearts and egos because the show goes on this 2019!

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5 thoughts on “Why Failing is Fine this 2019”

  1. As my dance teacher used to say :
    “Theres no failure ! only creation of new steps.”
    Thank you Paula for being one of my daily inspiration.

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