Two Fold: A Review on the First Half of My 2017

“If anything can go wrong, it will” – Murphy’s Law I have never been a full pessimist until this year hit. 2017 proved to be one mighty beast that still needs to be tamed! My 2016 ended on a sad note after my visa to France got denied there and then sadness ensued so I…

My First 90 Days in A SPACE Cebu

If someone would ask my 10-year-old self if I would take the role of leading the start of a branch for a company, I would say “Impossible!”. However, I am not that 10 year old kid who is scared of the world anymore. I have changed beyond 180 degrees from who I was, that is…

Say Hello to Bright Spots

Bright spot

a pleasant or successful event or period of time when most other things are unpleasant or not successful (often + in )