My First Humorous Speech: Maria Clara

My looks, behaviour and belief and priorities are really not that of Maria Clara. Here is my humorous speech about the “Maria Clara” stereotype!

Wednesday Warrior: Believe in Someone

Believe in someone and the Universe is on its way to being changed. It started as a selfish wish to get certified in scuba diving because I loved escaping underwater. It was not easy as I first thought it would be, I met a lot of roadblocks from failing to win the title to dealing…

My Sister’s Suicide Keeps Me Alive

At 8 years old, I have seen death right in our home. My 12 year old sister hanged herself right inside our bedroom. She taught me much about the value of life and the disease called depression.

Monday Musings: Take the Stage

How many of us take on the stage in our life? I did when I moved to Manila and since then life has never been boring.

Unexpected Escape

In 2003, a teenage girl who was extremely shy (to the point that when at a fast food chain she would ask her sister to order for her) was trying to escape half a day’s worth of classes. She signed up for her first Impromptu Speaking Competition to be exempted that day.  It was her…

Monday Musings: Light and Darkness

Overwhelming information, useless noise and complicated lives, this is what we face daily. Bombarded by social media that creates a false reality and sense of connectivity. We are more at a disconnect that we ever were before. More than ever, we feel strongly that the world is all black or all white, that there are…

Monday Musings: The Lie We Live

Sadly, the world today is more concerned on quantity than quality. We are growing greedier by the minute. The more technology advances, the more we fool ourselves that we have become more intelligent. We are living on a lie. It is time to wake up and see what life really is about. It is not…