Drop Me A Line If:

  • You are travelling to the Philippines and need some tips.
  • Want me to speak or host in an event or train you for public speaking
  • There is a wish to get me involved in some volunteer work or co-work.
  • You just want to say “Hi!”

The best and the most comfortable way to talk to me is to send me an email to:

I’ll get back to you in 24 hours depending on my availability or internet speed.

You can also get a hold of me over Snapchat: @paulapawikan , or at social networks like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

Donate to Rebel Mermaid

A little donation can help me buy a coffee or get me farther than Cebu.






  1. Dear Christine
    We are contemplating a special educational program for poor kids and are looking for its driver personality. All in Cebu. IF it succeeds then elsewhere.
    It is not your usual educational program.
    I wonder if we could chat about it with you.


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