Weekend Wanderings: Organic Farm in Bonbon, Cebu

Looking for a quick nature escape? Just half an hour ride from Cebu City and you are in another landscape.

Far from the concrete walls this farm was full of greens. Sir Oliver, the owner of the farm toured us around through his farm. Think of any herb used for cooking and he has it! He is one of the suppliers for top hotels and restaurant chains in Cebu. I definitely got jealous of his stocks of coriander and parsley.

From crispy delicious French beans to different lemon varieties. Oliver's farm reflects years of experience working as an agriculture expert. I was amazed at how hands on and humble he was that you would not even think that he worked for FAO and other international organizations.  As much as I want to describe all the sights in his farm, I will just let the photos do the talking!



You can easily spend a full day enjoying this lush farm. I am one of the lucky few who got to spend time in this hidden oasis. Definitely grateful for having met Oliver and getting some free lemon plant!